Bonus Vision

Where vision becomes reality

  • Quality over quantity
  • Results over excuses
  • Facts over wishful thinking
  • Transparency over mysticism
  • Long term solutions over quick and dirty

En cohérence avec sa démarche élitiste, Soft Convergence a naturellement choisi Bonus Vision comme partenaire privilégié pour différents projets de développement, sur lesquels elle a démontré son expertise et sa fiabilité.

Tony Guillard, PDG (Soft Convergence)

Experts in software development

We offer expertise in various aspects of software development: technical, organizational and management. Our Experts will help you build software in such a way that your ROI is ensured.

We have worked with Drazen for over close to 10-years now, our experience with Drazen has been excellent. He is extremely responsive, dependable and he will deliver on schedule.

Andrew Lowdon, COO (Barchart)

Our approach

If you've either identified a problem but don't know how to sove it, or can't identify the source of inadequate result, our Experts are here to help you from the beginning to the end.

Dans le cadre de notre collaboration régulière depuis plusieurs années sur des sujets d’expertise Test et Agilité, j’ai pu apprécier la grande qualité professionnelle et le sens du service des équipes de "Bonus Vision".

Laurent Vigouroux, Directeur d'agence (Acpqualife)

Customer emphaty

We consider every Client and every company unique, the solutions and services we offer are custom tailored to perfectly fit your context. Every software problem has a solution, let us help you find and fix it in a cost effective manner.

What we do

Our process is: analysis ⇒ proposition of up to 3 solutions ⇒ decision making ⇒ implementation ⇒ expected results :)

Architectural solutions

Either from scratch or after portions have already been built.

Project/team management

We have extensive experience managing both people and projects.

Steering change

Technology gets updated all the time, we can help you keep this under control.

Software quality

Often neglected, ensuring high quality is one of our core competences.

Implementing new tools

Sometimes the best course of action is to simply use better tools.


A simplest way to know where you are is to audit what you have.

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We are always looking for new opportunities. Please find the various ways to contact us below. See you!